PT. Kontakperkasa Futures, selaku anggota dari Bursa Berjangka Jakarta dan anggota Kliring Berjangka Indonesia, berbekal pengalaman dan kemampuan dalam mengembangkan perdagangan berjangka komoditi di tanah air, dengan menyediakan layanan transaksi derivatif lainnya yang sangat diminati investor yaitu transaksi derivatif indeks saham selain transaksi derivatif komoditi yang telah ada.

Regulatory Agency



BAPPEBTI or the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency was established by Act No. 32 of 1997, BAPPEBTI is one echelon I units under the Ministry of Commerce. BAPPEBTI has the tasks of development, regulation, and supervision of futures trading activities based on policies established by the Minister and the legislation in force.


Bappebti has the tasks of development, regulation and supervision of futures trading activities as well as the physical markets and services.


Formulation, implementation, technical security policy implementation, and evaluation in the field of development, regulation and supervision of futures trading, in accordance with the legislation in force;

Formulation, implementation and safeguards implementation and evaluation of technical policy in the field of development, regulation and supervision of the physical market and services;

Formulation of standards, norms, guidelines, criteria, and procedures and providing technical guidance and evaluation in the field of development, regulation and supervision in the field of physical markets and services;

The administration of the Agency.



Jakarta Futures Exchange (BBJ)

PT. Jakarta Futures Exchange is the first exchange established by this Act. It was established on August 19, 1999 by 4 oil palm plantations, oil refining 7, 8 exporters of coffee, 8 capital market brokerage company and two trading companies. Paid-up capital amounted to only 11.4 billion rupees from 40 billion in capital approved. Jakarta Futures Exchange meets all the requirements written in the Law 32/1997 and licensed Bappebti in the second half of 2000.

Several studies conducted by foreign consultants to the Indonesian government insists that a futures exchange in Indonesia will bring great benefit to the business community, particularly as a means of hedging. Recognizing this, the government has included the bill to the House in 1996 and on December 5, 1997 Law No. 32 1997 About the Commodity Futures Trading approved by the Parliament.




PT KLIRING BERJANGKA INDONESIA (Persero) is a State-Owned Enterprises which aspires to become an effective domestic companies and ultimately become a global company international standard.

Established to ensure the completion of the transaction mengkliringkan and futures contracts / derivatives / Spot and Forward and Warehouse Receipt regularly, fairly and efficiently so as to maintain the integrity of financial markets.

PT KLIRING BERJANGKA INDONESIA (Persero) strives to be the first choice as a centralized Clearing House. PT KLIRING BERJANGKA INDONESIA (Persero) is ready to adapt to the rapid and parallel to the drastic environmental changes in an effort to maintain its competitive position in accordance with its function as the custodian of the integrity of financial markets. In 2008 PT KLIRING BERJANGKA INDONESIA (Persero) has been approved as a central registration and extended the provisional approval in 2009 by BAPPEBTI. Which then ditanggal June 16, 2009 PT KLIRING BERJANGKA INDONESIA (Persero) has officially get Approval For Registration Center of BAPPEBTI according to SK Head BAPPEBTI Number: 03 / BAPPEBTI / Kep-SRG / SP / PUSREG / 6/2009.

PT KLIRING BERJANGKA INDONESIA (Persero) for the 3rd time after 2006 and 2007 again was awarded as the Best Enterprises 2008 Category Finance Sector and Other Financial Financing, issued by Investor Magazine Ranking List of Best Enterprises in 2008.


Managemen PT. Kontakperkasa Futures menghimbau kepada seluruh masyarakat untuk lebih berhati-hati terhadap beberapa bentuk penipuan yang berkedok investasi mengatasnamakan PT. Kontakperkasa Futures dengan menggunakan media elektronik ataupun sosial media. Untuk itu harus dipastikan bahwa transfer dana ke rekening tujuan (Segregated Account) guna melaksanakan transaksi Perdagangan Berjangka adalah atas nama PT Kontakperkasa Futures, bukan atas nama individu.